Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bit of a slow one when it comes to blogs!

Ok, after seven weeks in Kenya I feel it is time to start doing something about my blog!

The trip over was rather frantic, with DS2 breaking his ankle before we flew, a tonne of luggage and a dog and cat to transport to name a few. We set off in good time from Zaventem and checked in with Egyptair with bags of room to spare, unfortunately the flight was then delayed and we only had 40 minutes between the flights anyway. We arrived in Cairo with 15 minutes to get off the plane, onto the shuttle bus, through the terminal and onto the connecting flight, we just made it with a mad dash through the airport which I have never experienced before, no stopping for security just push us through...

so we arrived in Kenya rather frazzled at 3:45 AM but got through immigration no problem as we had a boy in a wheelchair, it was the morning of a public holiday and we had loads of helpers to get us through!  No problem with the animals either as their papers were in order.

Now we have been here 7 weeks and it has been a lot of acclimatising to one thing and another.
We opened our bank account in Gilgil and were sent to Nakuru to get our bank cards, not order them or anything, no we went into the bank told them why we were there, they looked at our ID's said please wait a moment, went into the back room and printed off our Debit cards there and then! then we had to set the code ourselves. They do look rather home-made but very efficient all the same, none of this waiting 2 weeks for your cards!

I will leave it at that for now but will write some more tomorrow!


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