Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Things are moving, slowly but are moving...

Just a quick update here. The wheels are in motion for our BIG move to Kenya. Packing is being done, animals are being found new homes and yesterday we finally bought our plane tickets to Nairobi.
We are flying out from Brussels on 26th August via Cairo and arrive in Nairobi at 3:45 AM on 27th August.
G. has decided to join us all rather than continuing the political campaign here and I have to say I am quite relieved that he will be there at the outset.
Emotionally it is quite a difficult time. Although we are looking forward to our new adventure in Kenya it is still hard to part with the life we have here on Gotland, all the friends we have made and the little patch we have carved out here.



  1. GRETA I have to say I admire you guys
    at thesame time I am so jealouse!
    I am sooooooooooo in love with Kenia
    and would love to live there. We were planning our honeymoon there but then the elections
    came, hence riots etc... and we had to cancel.
    Even though it is an amazing country !

  2. Vi ├Ânskar er all lycka!