Sunday, 24 October 2010

The joys of parenthood...and some other bits and pieces.

Last night has to be rated one of the worst in a long time.  It started out well, sat down with the children to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and El. came to sit on my knee, unfortunately part way through she clearly began to feel unwell and wriggled a bit so I picked her up but not quick enough! She covered me in the Lasagna G. had cooked for dinner, undigested bits of chewing gum that she had got and the rest of the contents of her tummy. It was a scene rather reminiscent of the Exorcist and it is astonishing how much such a small person can contain!

So G. cleaned up the floor and sofa while I cleaned myself and El. up. I gave her a drink of water then but that was a BIG mistake as we had a repeat performance not once but four more times during the night. She looked as white as a sheet and her eyes rolled up in the back of her head, really rather concerning to me but G. shrugged and said "don't worry it's just a bug". She seems to have recovered today although is rather dehydrated.

One amusing moment yesterday was F. piping up in the bathroom, "mummy, we are girls so we have bottoms but boys are different, they have PEANUTS!"

We got up at 7 this morning to get ready for mass and left by 7:30 for Nakuru and the Christ the King Cathedral where there is mass in English at 8:15. All went as well as might be expected with five children in tow. One interesting element was the trip to the loo with F. I say loo but really it was a hole in the ground. I made her take off her skirt and knickers rather than try to squat with them (if this isn't too much information). Good job I did as her aiming is pants! Then she screamed blue murder while I tried to dress her again and I got ...hmmm how to put this...quite irate!

On the drive home I was sitting next to P. in the back and E. was beside her and they bickered the whole way home, this was not a good plan with a tired mummy who had not had much sleep and already had had a run-in with a four year old. I lost my patience and told them to stay on their sides of the car, put my arm around P. to indicate it and E. not realising where my arm was made a surreptitious punch at his sister, managing to slam my wrist (the one El. has permanently damaged)  - for such a little guy the punch was excruciating and I almost blew a gasket telling him off.

Luckily once home I counted my blessings at having an understanding husband who let me go and have a sleep for a bit before lunch.

Lunch at the club went almost without hitch barring the screaming tantrum F. threw just before so G. and the other four children left first and I followed after having tackled F. into some clothes (where does she get these nudist tendencies I wonder??)
They were all pretty ok at the club except for the fact that El. used the moment I was distracted and helping F. get her dessert to smash a glass into a gazillion pieces - right in front of A. who takes after his father for not seeing what children are doing right under his nose!

So, I am really quite relieved that three bigger kids are now tucked up in bed in their dorms and the other two are tucked up in bed next door.

Time for a glass of wine...or maybe whisky!


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