Friday, 22 October 2010

A trip to Nakuru

Today we had a trip to Nakuru Matumba which is like a second-hand market. The children each had 200 sh (about £1.50) to spend. We were particularly looking for some clothes for E and a dress for El and P and a dress for me as well and some sandals for G.
We managed to find everything I got two summer dresses for £2.00, P got an outfit for the school disco for £1.50 and E got some clothes that were not full or holes and actually fit him so that was good.

E succumbed to some hawkers selling home-made CDs of Gospel music in Kiswahili which I think is rather good but G. hates for some unknown reason.
A. used his money to buy a pair of snazzy sunglasses and the girls bought some hair scrunchies and a cheaper pair of sunglasses each with their money, making sure the scrunchies were the right colour for school (they can wear red, white, blue or black). E. used his money for his CD and a cheap pair of sunglasses and even had enough for some disgusting sweets!

The Matumba is a very lively place with lots and lots of stalls with all kinds of things in each one. The funniest moment was when a man who knew we were looking for T-shirts for E. handed him one that said "Sing Up" on the front and "Hereford outreach programme concert in the Albert Hall ..."he said he wanted the equivalent of £3.50 for the T-shirt we both laughed as it was absolutely clear this had been donated by somebody probably in a charity drive for Africa! Needless to say we didn't buy that T-shirt and looked for some bargains from more reasonable stallholders!
One important thing to remember...ALWAYS haggle!

We are off to the Gilgil Matumba tomorrow, but mainly for oranges, little dried fish for the cat and other fruit and veg. The main difference I have found between the smaller Gilgil Matumba and the larger Nakuru one is that they are much less 'on the make' in Gilgil (perhaps a small town mentality?).

Half-term is drawing to a close and I think G. is particularly looking forward to our Ayah Mary coming back as we gave her a week's holiday while all the kids are here!


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