Thursday, 21 October 2010

half term

So today I have been relaxing a bit as half-term is coming to an end. The boys have been very good every day working on their Carol Vorderman's Maths Made Easy books and have now already finished both books. The English made easy is proving more difficult but they are battling on!

We have been searching for the cheapest flights to get G. to Europe early next month.  British Airways seems the best option so far but will keep looking! Air travel is such a minefield!

The children all desperately wanted to go swimming so G. decided to take this this afternoon unfortunately 5 minutes after leaving the heavens opened and there was a big storm so they all ran back from the pool - I don't think swimming in an open air pool in thunder and lightening is a very good plan really!

One interesting development since moving to Africa, the children wake up by 6:00 AM at the very latest and then decided to come and jump on our bed so we tend to be up quite early, even on Sundays.

Having tried mass in Gilgil in Kiswahili a few times we have since discovered the cathedral in Nakuru where there is a mass in English so we have decided we will go there in future. It makes it easier for the children to sit still if they understand what is going on and it is not quite as far as we used to drive to church every week in Sweden. The mass is 8:30 am however but that is not a problem as we are up so early anyway!

It was a public holiday yesterday, a type of remembrance day for the heroes of the war of independence in Kenya. Sad in some ways as the oldies here who have been here since independence tell stories of entire European families being wiped out, children and all but on the other hand the country clearly deserved its independence and has done very well.

There is much talk here of the new constitution and we all hope it will be a new beginning for this country. One interesting element is the possibility of allowing Kenyans dual citizenship, until now that has not been possible. We'll see how this develops further!


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