Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sleepless nights and painful ankles!

Another rather bad night last night followed by a full day. There is something about Tuesdays that makes them the worst of all days, at least I wasn't on duty today as well after very little sleep!  I twisted my ankle quite badly about 10 days ago and was hoping it was just get better on its own but today it was so painful and still three times its normal size so I went to see the nurse who bandaged it up and recommended I have it X-rayed. Blech! It is ok as long as I don't move my ankle, so I can walk with the foot completely straight without much problem, only if there is a duvet on it or I turn the ankle, then it is extraordinarily painful! EL. is still not 100% during the night and disturbs quite a lot crying with tummy cramps but on a positive note she did ask to go on her potty today!

Have been faced with some stark choices this week as well which is never nice. G. is looking for jobs but there is not much available here so he may have to travel much further afield! He's trying to qualify for CIMA and wants a job in accounts (of all things).  Will be hard on us all and not entirely sure how we will arrange our family life, but money makes the world go around I guess.

We also noticed that the kids had been home more as the Internet got used up twice as fast as the month they weren't here!

I am now busily designing the websites for Latin and History as well as trying to write the Christmas exams, History is just about done but Latin I have yet to start - and making sure the kids are stretched while simultaneously being able both to complete the exam in an hour AND not finish it too quickly make for quite a delicate operation.


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